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Transform your life with USA Martial Arts Center

Read what our past students are saying.

Kelly Hu - Model / Actress

"Being an Asian actress in the film and TV industry, I am often asked to do martial arts in my work. Training with Sensei Alborzi has given me the ability to do so while improving my self confidence and widening my career opportunities."     

Caylin Hauptmann –  2x NFL Super Bowl Champion / Black Belt Student

“USA Martial Arts Center  is the best Martial Arts school in LA. Sensei Alborzi is in the World Masters Hall of Fame, guiding thousands of young men and women through there childhood and into adulthood, not only teaching Martial Arts but applicable life lessons as well. Sensei Alborzi is one of the best to learn from in the country.

Being a world champion herself, she takes pride in teaching martial arts. USA Martial Arts Center has been home to many young International and National martial arts champions and even more importantly home to thousands of excellent young men and women. USA MAC does only teach kids though, adults train and compete too. For children and adults alike martial arts is great for gaining a sense of discipline and body awareness that would otherwise not be instilled. If you or someone you know is looking for a Martial Arts school for children or adults, go to USA MAC. From my own experience, i recommend them to anyone and everyone. Its more than a martial arts school, its a family. USAMAC is the place to be!”   

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