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Kids Karate Classes for Beginners

Ages 5-11

Young children are active and curious and sometimes have difficulty learning to control their bodies and their behavior. They crave structure and thrive in an environment that’s supportive, educational, and fun.

Have your kids Learn Martial Arts and give your kids a unique experience that will teach them life skills while they have a great time.

Kids Karate Class.PNG
Kids Karate Class.PNG

Kids Karate Classes Information

This program is kids ages 5-11

Our class provides young kids with 3 classes per week with an intimate class providing the one-on-one attention needed to get the most of our karate while also learning to work with others. 

  • Learning fundamentals about karate

  • 3xs a week – one of the only schools offering 3 sessions per week for students

  • Class size ranges from 7-12 kids

Karate Class Benefits

The objective is to have fun while learning basic karate and develop valuable life skills such as listening, coordination, and increasing self-awareness. 

Provides a healthy environment where kids learn to follow directions, and to learn to think for themselves.

Its also a chance build life-long friendships in an space that encourages mutual respect for every student.

Kid Karate Tournament.JPG

Kids Martial Arts Class Schedule / Hours of Operations

Hours of Operation

  • Monday: 3-6 PM

  • Wednesday: 3-6 PM

  • Friday: 3-5:30 PM

  • Saturday: 10am - 2 am

  • Sunday: 10am - 1 pm

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